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Im Johan and I created this blog to talk about 3D TV. For the last 3 weeks I have been searching and doubting if I'm gonna buy a 3d TV Online and I want to share this experience with other people, so they don't have to go threw the same stuff as I did.

First thing to decide when buying a 3d tv is the size. This is a personal option and I went with the 65 inch, which is rather big for a 3d tv. But if you want you can always go smaller ofcourse.


The next thing to decide is the brand. I like to go with reputable brands like samsung rather than an unkown brand.

A site that helped me alot when choosing a 3d tv is: 3D TV



Buying a 3d TV online

I bought my 3d tv online at amazon and I have to say it was extremely easy. They offer al the information you need and deliver it right in your living room. Else it would be a big problem to get my 65 3d tv into my car somehow to get to my house. I'm very happy with this and I suggest you do the same. IMHO you don't really need to check the tv in real life since the quality of 3d tv is pretty much the same on each tv.

Whou you should buy a 3D TV

  1. Better watching experience
  2. Looks cool
  3. Better gaming experience ( yes you can also game on 3d tvs! )
  4. Did I tell you it looks sick? :P